Cakes and Pies – The Amalgamation

10-inch Cake?  Just one layer?  No frosting?

Hiding inside is an entire 9-inch, homemade Apple Pie:

It’s probably a crime against nature… or at least a crime against cuisine.

But it’s fairly tasty:

This is one of those things that you try once, so you can say that you did… and now, for some strange reason, my pancreas hurts.

Category(s): Cuisine
  • Srobber

    But – it doesn’t have a pie crust, right?  So it’s more like a filled cake?  What was your inspiration?

  • jlamode

    It’s an open pie – a bottom, but no top crust. 
    I wanted to combine two of my favourite things: cakes and pies Smilie: :)

  • Carol

    My mix of pie and cake would have involved frosting on crust! Smilie: :)

  • Laura

    could you provide a recipe?

  • jlamode

     It’s really a simple mix:
    ~2 cake mixes
    -apple pie filling (homemade or from a can)
    -1 pie crust (pre-baked)

    Fill the pie crust with apple filling
    Be sure to set the pie crust on some cookies to keep it from sitting completely on the bottom. 

    Bake at ~325 until a toothpick comes out clean.